Coed Varsity Bowling · Bowling team finds stride in third season

As a young program, the Bearden Bowl Dogs have expanded as a program and are making a new team feel like a veteran one.

After its inaugural season in 2013, this program has grown to new heights. Excitement around the program is increasing, and the bowling program is expanding.

When I first started my freshman year, the team was mainly sophomores with a few freshmen and upperclassmen, but the following year there were a large amount of returners with around five new people,” junior Zachary Jones said. “This year, we only have four returners on the guys’ team, and the rest of the players are freshmen.

“It’s really nice to see how many people are starting to see the bowling team as an actual sports team and not just a recreational activity.”

From a program that could barely field a team in its first couple years, to an established program in its third year consisting of a junior varsity and varsity team, the Bowl Dogs have certainly made a name for themselves and the interest is growing.

“Interest in bowling and the people on the team spurred me to try out for the team,” senior Thomas Gore said. “Jordan (Tibbits) and I just decided to do it together, and it has been really fun.”

The unique community aspect keeps this team tight. That is what the players enjoy most and what keeps them coming back.

“I think the community we have built around the bowling team is really special,” Tibbits said. “I just love the people on it, and I really love being around Coach (Jennifer) Allen.”

While the community certainly adds to the experience, the Bulldogs are looking for wins as well. Along with the increase in interest, the program’s success is growing.

“The goal is to win games each and every time,” Gore said. “We only had five wins last year and so far we already have two wins through three games.”

As Tibbits and Gore leave the program, they hope to leave it better than they found it.

“I would like to see continued support and interest in the bowling program once we leave the program,” Gore said. “A lot of schools don’t get the same support we do and that’s really cool, I mean no one matches Bearden.”