Girls Varsity Softball · Much improved Bearden softball team ready to ‘prove everyone wrong’

The Bearden softball team is out to prove itself this season and silence any doubters they still have.

“We have a desire to prove everyone wrong,” junior Shakara Goodloe said.  “A lot of people have talked badly about us, and we know we have the ability to be better in our district, so we just have to prove that to everyone.”

The Lady Bulldogs are excited about making a name for themselves in the district. They continue district play on Tuesday against Catholic at 5:30 p.m.

Bearden finished the season 7-25 in 2017, after going winless in 2016. The 2018 Lady Bulldogs have already equaled last year’s win total with a 7-10 start to the year.

Junior Rachel Colwell recognizes the team’s talent and potential for this season.

“This year is a little different because we know we have the talent now, and we have to put it out there,” Colwell said.  “We have worked really hard to win some games and do better this year.”

The team definitely feels like they have a name to make for themselves this season and look forward to showcasing themselves as a threat to other teams.

Team chemistry and confidence within the team’s ability seems to be key themes in the team’s success so far.

“We just have more confidence in ourselves,” said senior Amaya Goodloe, who is Shakara’s sister. “Our defense is there this year, and our team chemistry has gotten a lot stronger.”

Added Shakara Goodloe: “I feel like this year we have more team aspects. We communicate better, and we have better friendships. We have really bonded this year more than ever.”

The Lady Bulldogs have been able to pinpoint their weaknesses and are eager to conquer them in the coming games.

“We need to keep hitting because some innings will be dead, while other innings we’ll actually hit,” Colwell said. “We are just looking to keep being consistent and keep our errors down.”

The hard work of the Lady Bulldogs has not gone unnoticed. This year, the team is faster and hitting the ball harder than ever.

“Our speed benefits us a lot,” Shakara Goodloe said. “We are able to get people on base and have our power hitters — both are essential to us getting runs and scoring.”

As the season continues, the Lady Bulldogs look to keep up their momentum.

“Right now we are looking to come back in the district,” Shakara Goodloe said. “We are just focusing on bringing our energy up and playing more aggressive.”