Multiple Teams · Bearden golf team relies on its ‘P.O.I.S.E.’ to improve this season

The Bearden golf team has been presented with many new experiences that have better prepared the Bulldogs for this season’s challenges.

Team chemistry and character development have helped in leading the team to lower scores and higher success.

“I think the team has become more unified,” said senior Emma Kammann, who captains the girls. “We attended a team building retreat at the beginning of the season. This year has been wonderful because we’ve been able to see everyone come together.”

Coach Tyler Lane encourages good character over anything when it comes to his players. This season, he has chosen to do this by developing and implementing a team motto – P.O.I.S.E. (positivity, opportunity, integrity, support, and encouragement).

“Really challenging the team and captains to follow through with each of these things has been fun,” Coach Lane said.

Kammann truly takes the motto to heart as a captain this year.

“Being a captain to me means to be there for your team, be uplifting and show that you are proud of everybody coming and doing what they’re supposed to do,” she said. “Whether that’s being on time or just being committed, I think it’s important to show pride in my teammates.”

The team looks to continue their success as they near districts.

“We expect to do pretty well,” boys captain Bryson Morell said. “I really think we’re making a turn in the right direction for future success.”

Added Coach Lane: “We want to get a team to regionals. That is a tall task because they only take the top three out of 10 teams. But I think we are close.”

This season, the team has been gifted with a practice facility that will be on Bearden campus. Coach Lane looks forward to having a space that the team can call their own.

“It is going to be a special place where the team can be together and bond, but more importantly it is going to be a place where we can really hone in on and perfect our skills,” he said. “Golf is all about preparation and this really gives us a space to prepare.”

The team will compete against Cleveland on Wednesday in a match at Gettysvue at 4:30 p.m.