Coed Varsity Cross Country · Ruth, Worley looking to make the most of their final run for Bearden cross country

Senior cross country runners Preston Ruth and Nathan Worley have had immense success this season and hope to finish off the season strong at state this Saturday at Percy Warner Park.

The team as a whole has seen a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season, coming together and helping each other grow.

“At the beginning, we weren’t really a unit, but towards the end we became really strong together,” Worley said. “At regionals, everybody preformed to the best of their ability.

“That’s all we could’ve asked for from them.”

Runners Ruth and Worley have grown as runners individually as well, Coach Powell has seen this improvement first hand.

“They’ve progressed fitness wise throughout the season, and also they’ve put a lot of strategy behind their running in meets,” Coach Powell said. “Not going out too fast at the start of the race and just settling into their pace.”

Ruth is glad for the lessons that this season has allowed him to learn about himself as a runner.

“I am definitely a lot more of a mature runner,” Ruth said. “I have realized what it takes to be a good runner, and this year is just an example of that.”

With all the improvements made this season, Ruth and Worley are ready to take advantage of their opportunity at state.

“Preston and I have worked really hard; all we have to do is stay in shape this next week and then we’ll be ready to rock and roll,” Worley said.

Ruth feels that the hardest part is over and he can now enjoy the fruits of his hard work at state.

“I feel more excited than anything,” Ruth said. “The pressure was on trying to just get over the hump and make it to state, but now I did so I am really just looking forward to the experience.”

For Ruth and Worley, this week has been about getting prepared mentally for the meet and staying loose physically.

“Nathan and I are keeping things light and really trying to stay pretty rested as well as make sure we have the right mindset going into Saturday,” Ruth said.

Whatever happens at state, Ruth, Worley, and the whole Bearden Cross Country team can be proud of all they have accomplished this season.