Boys Varsity Wrestling · Growing Bearden wrestling program preparing for District Duals on Friday

Bearden’s wrestling team has overcome injuries and inexperience to have a successful season so far, and they’re hoping that continues in Friday’s District Duals.

Although the team has had injuries, their 25-person roster has allowed them to have replacements ready to step up.

“We’ve had a few injuries that have put people out for the season, so we’ve had guys step up into their place,” sophomore Matheson Meade said.

Not only has a large team helped when it comes to injuries, but it also helps the team to have wrestlers spread throughout the weight classes.

“We’ve filled almost every weight class in our first district matches, and we were able to win one where last year we would’ve gotten blown out just because of forfeits,” Coach Donnie Floyd said. “It’s really helped, and now the goal is just to keep everybody and make sure they come back.”

With a young team, there have been struggles and adjustments, but Coach Floyd has seen growth.

“Some of our brand-new kids are struggling, but you can see improvement in the matches,” Coach Floyd said. “Some of our better kids have really started to pick it up right here towards the end.

“We’re hoping to make a good run.”

One thing that the team will look to improve upon is competing for the entire length of matches.

“We’ve lost a few dual meets because we’ve had guys not able to stay in matches,” Meade said. “They’ve just given up too soon and given up points that we needed.”

The team will look to get big district wins in the District Duals at Farragut on Friday against Hardin Valley, Catholic, and Farragut.

“We’ll focus as a team to win that,” Coach Floyd said. “If that doesn’t work out for us, it goes strictly individual then.

“We’re just trying to fine tune and get everybody’s aggression up and just try to make that state run.”