Girls Varsity Volleyball · Volley Dogs turning to younger players for leadership with no returning seniors on roster

The volleyball team has opened up its 2019 season, and there are high hopes for what is to come for this young squad. 

Many talented players on the 2018 team were lost due to graduation, including Claire Wilson, who is now playing at King University. But despite the fact that there are no seniors on the roster this year, the Lady Bulldogs still have a strong presence of experience thanks to a 2021 class that is loaded with talent and young leaders emerging in the freshman and sophomore classes.

The gap created by not having any seniors on this team allows younger players to become more involved in making an impact at a younger age, ensuring that experience will not be an issue in the coming years.

“A lot of times, girls don’t have the opportunity to step up as leaders until their junior or senior year, so this is a great opportunity for the younger players to grow and step up as leaders now and get a couple years of leadership under their belts,” Coach Erin Biddle said.

Added junior Elizabeth Young: “Not only are our underclassmen insanely talented this year, but they also have the best attitudes and enthusiasm, which has contributed immensely to the team.”

Any team lacking seniors can potentially be seen by opponents as inexperienced, unmotivated, or poorly led. But the Lady Bulldogs are working on challenging that expectation through relentless effort.

“Right now, we are young and lack a little experience, but they make up for it with effort, and that effort is only going to grow with the more experience they get,” Coach Biddle said.

While the future is certainly bright, it is important to focus on the goals that are set for the present.

“A goal we have set for this season is to continue growing and improving in everything we do,” Young said.

Added Coach Biddle: “Our goal looking forward is to finish first or second [place] in the district and make it to regionals.”

Bearden sits in third place in the district, behind only Oak Ridge and West to whom the the Lady Bulldogs have already lost, but will attempt to beat in the second meeting of district play (district teams face each other twice per season: once at home and once away).

The Lady Bulldogs will travel to Jefferson County on Thursday at 6, and they will play at home on Tuesday against Powell at 6.